São Tomé TESLA Power Plant Inaugurated

FB GROUP’s first investment in São Tomé, São Tomé Tesla Power Plant, was inaugurated on 16.03.2024 with the attendance of His Excellency Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada.  

Tesla STP has a concession of 25 years to provide electricity to the island and, in return, will develop a 55 MW capacity in three phases. Phase 1, now completed, consists of 10 MW of diesel engines, Phase 2 will consist of 30 MW of dual fuel (LNG/Diesel) engines, and Phase 3 will consist of 15 MW of solar plant.

By the commissioning of the first phase of the project, the energy deficit of the nation has been overcome. With the implementation of second phase, the dual fuel engines will act the main power source of the island and the diesel engines will serve as a backup source. Finally, with the implementation of solar plant of the third phase, the dependence on the fossil fuels will be reduced paving the road for the transition to green energy for the country.

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